Eleanor McMurtry
  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Physics) and Diploma in Informatics (University of Melbourne, 2018)
  • Master of Science (Computer Science) (with distinction) (University of Melbourne, 2020)
Teaching (University of Melbourne) Papers Other projects
  • Kanga, an online interpreter for the fictional Roo language. Created as part of Master's coursework and then some.

My main research interests lie in theoretical and applied cryptography. My Master's thesis is a proposed protocol for verifiable postal voting, mixing the benefits of paper voting with cryptographic assurance and honest-but-curious receipt freeness. Other interests include distributed systems, programming language theory, abstract algebra, and category theory.

I have a grade of 8th kyu in goju ryu karate, play guitar, am learning piano, and occasionally make videogames. I enjoy gardening, musical theatre, and roleplaying games of all kinds.